Back in Ireland!

As I said Dublin1 was The EVENT of my own Vertigo Tour! My first U2 concert in their homeland, in their city!!! What a memory...
After this show, I spend 2 days in Germany to follow the semi-finals of the Confederation Cup. Monday mornig, I took a plane to come back in Dublin for their third show there in this tour. I made this travel with 3 other guys from u2achtung.com (Boulou, Denouille & Noone).
When we arrived, we took the bus 16A to go down to the town center and talked about the concert : I said that I was nearly sure that we could have Gloria & Bad. I'm not a medium but it was right !
We spend the day in town where we met Nickie (also from u2achtung). Some pub and beers later, we joined Croke Park !
This show was incredible! What a power! It was difficult to say anything when we met at the end before leaving the stadium. Nobody could say anything else than "Waouwwwwww!".
We walked down to Temple Bar where we spend the night in pubs and Night-Club... Round 4 AM, we took a taxi to go back to the airport. We landed in Charleroi at 9.05 and at 9.33, I was at the office... Difficult to stay concentrate after a day like this one! And nearly impossible to explain how happy I was to have lived this great show!
Bono says often that it's great that we (the fans) gave them such a great life, I thank them to give us so much with their art!

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