I'm back!

Helle, hello !!!

What's happened during those weeks????

The U2 Vertigo tour is always on the road... And I try to follow...

First stop :  Dublin !!!! As I said, IT was the EVENT of my Vertigo Tour. It was my first U2 concert in their homeland!

I was crazy... I landed in Dublin on thursday night & went immediatly to the hostel to leave my luggage. After I spend the evening, and a part of the night, in Temple Bar where I met some fans from USA & Ireland! A great night...

It was nearly 11 AM when I woke up on friday. A shower and then on the streets... First target, a room! I was surprised to find it so easily.

I spend time walking between O'Connel Street and Temple Bar. At the of the afternoon, I met Roberto & Valerie. They are from Switzerland. We stayed together and walked to the stadium round 5 PM!

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